Friends, Family, and Mortal Enemies


My little sister, Kelsey. 

Kelsey again, this time with Hunter.

My cousins, Matt and Joe.

Joe and Matt having fun in a tent.

Sad but true: Michael once had a mohawk.

Kristen imbibing her favorite beverage.

Scott Davis, proof that Mensa isn't so exclusive.

Dear old Dad.

Group photo at work. 

What is this, a Mensa meeting?

Yes, I'm studying.

What a gorgeous view, if only those people weren't in the way....

More fun in South Dakota.

The future of America.

The one-time future major leaguer.

"Weekend Dan."

Jason on New Year's Eve.

Patrick trying to get some sleep.

I'm not drunk, I swear.

Shanna and Lisa cuddling on the couch.

More fun for Lisa and Shanna.

Playing foosball at Kelsey's birthday party.

Don't ask, don't tell.

Kelsey in the stocks.

More fun at the ballpark.


My senior portrait thingy.

Kelsey back when she was cute.

Tallest to shortest (or is it order of intelligence?)

My grandfather and I at the circus.

If I'm not sleeping, this is probably where you can find me.
The maid came with the room, so I really can't complain.  Too much.

Nothing like a romantic dinner at Denny's.

At the Senior Prom, ... err Senior Banquet.

Tyler and Tamara Timmons

Kristen and Michael at their wedding.

Rina and I at the end of the summer, outside of Flashback.

Friends from high school, April and Sheila, at April's wedding.

Fun and games at Michael's bachelor party.

More fun and games, this time at a car wash.

Uncle Ray meeting the second smartest man in the world.

Uncle Ray at the KCRW studio.

Dad looking stylish in the '70s.

Grandma and Grandpa posing with Lee's kid.

Chillin' on New Year's Eve.

Carter at age 1.

Kelsey's school photo.

Kelsey and Jordan on New Year's Eve.

Digging for sandcrabs during Kelsey's Birthday Weekend.


* If you are a friend, family member, and/or mortal enemy of Paul Guarna Enterprises and would like to see your picture listed here, please send a photograph and $5 to webmaster.  (Fee may be waived for friends and/or family.)