Christmas Day

Paul in his new Christmas hat.

Dad acting "Goofy."

Dad showing off his new gift.

Lee staring into space.

Is it morning yet?

What was that, Dad?

Kelsey opening another

Mom studying her new

Sea World

A upclose look before
the show.

The penguin habitat.

Posing for the cameras

Silly seals.

A walrus joins the show.

The killer whale show.

Going for a ride.


Relaxing before the show.

Checking out the sting rays.

Mmmm, beer....

Discovery Cove

Entering Discovery Cove.

An overview of the site.

A family portrait at the end of the day.

Everyone except Mom.

Everyone except Dad.

Snorkeling with the sting rays.

Mom and Dad underwater.

Having fun with the underwater camera.

A school of fish.

Swimming with the fish.

More swimming.

More fish.

Another sting ray.

Kelsey and Lee underwater.

Kelsey and Paul underwater.

Man-made coral.

Look at that coral.

A little yellow fish.

Even more fish.

The barracuda tank.

One fish, two fish,
red fish, blue fish.

Angel fish

Feeding a sting ray.

Petting a sting ray/

Swimming to the aviary.

Can you breathe like that?

Kelsey hitching a ride on a dolphin.

Mom giving LaToya a kiss.

Posing with LaToya.

Dad riding on in.

Universal Studios



Dad being 'comical.'

Kelsey following in her father's

Mom and Dad posing by the
Universal globe.

The gang's all here.

You can use anything here,
it's Universal.

Lee and Kelsey taking over for Velma and Daphne.

Spongebob visiting from Bikini Bottom.

Dad posing with the mummies from
The Mummy Returns.

Kelsey getting all wet at Nick Studios.

"See, this is London."

Kelsey in front of NBA City.

Kelsey, Paul, and Lee deciding what to do next.

Kelsey, Paul, and Lee in front of the Spiderman ride.

Paul after winning Spongebob.

Fort Myers