Kelsey enjoying dessert in the Christmas market

Clock tower in Freiburg

View of Freiburg from the front of our hotel

Smart Car

Cathedral in Freiburg

Cathedral in Freiburg

Street in Freiburg

Freiburg Christmas decorations

Countdown to the World Cup

Strasbourg (France) - City of Lights

River Ill in Strasbourg

Christmas tree in Stasbourg

Walking streets in Strasbourg

Gergana pretending to be a station agent in Offenburg

Clock tower in Freiburg

Alexandra and Gergana in Basel (Switzerland)

Church in Basel

Rhine River in Basel

Kelsey, Alexandra, and Gergana in Basel



Bridge in Basel

Alexandra and Gergana in Basel

Overview of Basel

View from Bridge

View from Church



Gergana and Kelsey

Chris and Svetlanya at party in Freiburg

Chris, Svetlanya, and Gergana


Svetlanya and Gergana

More party pictures

Alexandra and Gergana