Clips from 6 Duffman appearances on "The Simpsons."

Duffman1.avi  --  Duffman's first appearance on "The Simpsons." (4.89 MB)

Duffman2.avi  --  Duffman enters Moe's Tavern to give a pop quiz. (6.37 MB)

Duffman3.avi  --  Duffman revolts against his corporate employer, H.K. Duff VIII.  (2.91 MB)

Duffman4.avi  -- Duffman can't breathe. (1.05 MB)

Duffman5.wmv -- Duffman performs at Oktoberfest. (870 KB)

Duffman6.wmv -- Duffman strips at Mrs. Krabappel's bachelorette party. (1.46 MB)

If the above clips do not work, you may need the Divx codec which can be downloaded here.