Quotes (Infamous and Otherwise)

"Your ideas intrigue me and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter." -- Homer J. Simpson

"It's funny because it's true." -- Homer J. Simpson

"A little from column A, a little from column B." -- Abe Simpson

"BBA: The girls that put the mmmmmm in cameltoe." -- Lisa Williams

"... and knowing is half the battle." -- G.I. Joe

"It's just a flesh wound." -- Black Knight

"I can't promise to try, but I promise to try to try." -- Bart Simpson

"Ya mean it ain't me noggin, it's me peepers?  Well, that's just loverly." -- Bart Simpson

"Well screw me and call me gay." -- Michael Dean

"Duffman is a cautious cat." -- Duffman

"If in the long run the beliefs expressed in proletarian dictatorship are destined to be accepted by the dominant forces of the community, the only meaning of free speech is that they should be given their chance and have their way." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Selected Quotes from the Melissa Naulty Collection:

"I'm out to piss on someone's cloud." -- Melissa Naulty, Ramblings at 4 In the Morning

I'm Going to Share My Misery

"Apparently, the gods have seen fit to slash all my hopes of a happy future."

"I thought life was a journey but I'm not going anywhere."

"The moose are nice creatures if you don't piss them off."

"Can I no longer be Melissa the dependable, responsible one?  Can I be Missy the crazy, sexy unpredictable?" (Ed. Note - The answer is obviously no)

"I am just ... the sidekick character that never exactly gets a storyline of her own."